When I heard about the assignment, I knew I wanted to do 90s theme because I love that era. I hope that comes through in my designs. Though there are some mature/darker themes to this time period, this shaped the way I see the world.

A boom box was the first full thought that came to mind. Though we are encouraged to only spend a few seconds on each sketch, I couldn’t help but finish this box with all it’s detail. Music was and still is at the center of my life. Though my tastes have expanded, Hip Hop and RnB are what started my love for this medium.

This looks like E.T in a crown and was my first attempt at making something to look like Biggie. The eyes look great but they are the wrong style. I don’t want to do a Impressionist style – it’s just not the kind I want. So there were some changes that needed to take place – starting with the style that I want.

That Biggie sticker is gonna be the death of me. I still am not happy with it and I just ran out of time BUT, the other stickers are DOPE. I know that’s arrogant of me to say, but I am quite pleased with the look and the feel. The graffiti wall was inspired by Sister Act II. The boombox looks like it should be on the set of Sesame St. Then Biggie is King… well not right now, because it’s not finished. But it will be soon!

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