My Passion in Pieces | Vector Paths

When making my icon set, I knew I wanted to create an everyday carry style set where there is a flatlay of objects. I also wanted to create objects based off my passion: mountain biking. I decided early on, even before sketching, that I wanted to create icons that represent my own bike. I wanted it to look fun, clean and simple. Bikes can be very detailed, but I wanted to simplify mine as I made it into icons. 

I was frustrated while sketching. It was hard for me to decide on which point of view to pick. I didn’t feel as though my sketches represented what I had in my head. However, the sketches did help me decide what objects I wanted to make icons out of as well as the angle at which to view them. My next project, I want to put more time into sketching so I can solve more problems before going to my computer. 

When making my icons, I felt as though they were coming across flat and almost cartoonish, definitely not what I was working towards. I showed my vectors to some peers. They suggested trying new angles and using shadows to create a more realistic look. I also realized that I needed to build my icons as if they were 3D, not as if they were flat objects, by paying attention to the shapes that make up each piece, such as the cylindrical bottle. 

When I look at my finished project, I am proud of how far I came during this process. This was my first time using Illustrator. There was a learning curve, but I am proud of the way I stuck to my icons. It was especially rewarding to see each icon arranged in the way I had imaged, creating one whole set, not twelve individual icons. 




Taylor is a student at Brigham Young University - Idaho studying Public Relations with an emphasis in Visual Media.

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