Monkey Icons (Best Attempt) | Vector Paths

This project first started out as a tribute to Japan, then I wanted to challenge myself, and finally it ended where I got to now.

Matsumoto Castle, The Book of Mormon, Hot spring monkey

Chopsticks, Dolphin (guardian of castles), two fans and sushi.

I looked at my first rough drafts and thought I would add a pillow theme to them. This was to challenge myself, but it was the downfall to my project since it took so much time to figure that out.

I presented my work to my teacher, and he looked at it and told me I had a long way to go. He explained to me the step by step process and I realized how big of a hole had gotten myself into. It hit me then that it was probably easier to rebuild than to repair.
So then I got back to sketching and I was proud of the monkey that I had created out of simple circles.

I thought it was a total improvement to where I should go. So I got to work by adding references to my adobe illustrator, and got cracking down on it. Below are parts and pieces of my Layout for a lot of my project. In all, I got ready to create 20 different monkeys.  

In the end, time became my worst enemy. Too many responsibilities, had to travel quite a bit for some and I even had to use my mulligan to try to finish most of it, where I was only able to do 5 1/2 out of the twelve. I put so many hours to try to make these look good, and I do realize that I will get a bad grade. However I learned a lot.

Golden Lion Tamarin

Colobus Monkey


Proboscis Monkey (halfway through)

Snow Monkey (jigokudani saru)


My favorite is my gorilla, but all of these images share many shapes and styles. This really sucks that all this happened. However I hope what I learned will make up for the rest of the semester, to my career.

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