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Most times, we think that highlights and shadows are created by mixing two colors together using gradients or any other tool, can get the perfect highlight or shadow we are looking for. The following image below, is a great example breaking that traditional rule, using overlapping solid colors that can create the perfect highlight or shadow within a picture. 

This piece is a graphic that I found on Pinterest which was created by Wedha on graphicsdesignjunction, is a geometric pop art portrait that really caught my eye mainly because of his use of highlights and shadows without actually using any gradients soft overlapping edges to create that effect. I will discuss a few of my favorite principles incorporated in this piece that can be useful to keep in mind while creating something similar to this one. 



The way we choose to create shadows using shapes, images, or whatever it may be, creates depth to an graphic and helps your piece look more 3D and realistic. It also indicates where the light source is coming from and creates an edge that the viewer’s eye forms in their mind because of the way the shadow shapes are arranged. 


When we can learn to go more in depth with our symbols and break that habit of creating symbols of something rather than actually creating the shape of that object, we create a graphic that looks more descriptive and appealing to the eye. For example, in this graphic, the creator didn’t just create the symbol of hair, but goes into depth to create frayed ends of hair so that it looks more realistic to his audience. 


The depth within a graphic can be created in so many ways, but one of the ways that he uses it in his graphic is by using a bright colors to indicate a change in the structure of the girl’s face. He executes this skill a couple of times throughout his work with the use of reds and purples, which creates a three dimensional affect that creates the face of a little girl. 

I really enjoy pieces like this because it encourages me to try to create pieces like this on my own and build my knowledge in the vector graphic world! Hope you guys enjoy this as much as I did!

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