THIS was fun. Minimal restrictions was so freeing. I feel like I better understand the creative process so having less restrictions was refreshing and not overwhelming. 

The goal was create a gig poster for any fictional band or musician. A lot of the example I was looking at portrayed heavy metal or punk music and I wanted to go a different route. I wanted to create a poster for a gig I would actually attend and I am not a heavy metal kind of girl. During the sketching phase I decided I wanted to go for a “girl put your records on” type of gig. I call this folkie soul music so that is what I tried to portray.

I turned on Corrine Bailey Rae, closed my eyes and tried to clear my mind and see what that type of music made me visualize. I thought of a big oak tree with a girl with an afro having a picnic underneath the tree. Or maybe an old school teal bike with the same girl riding down a country road. I then started sketching some new ideas and this is when the oak afro came to me. I sketched a big oak tree and then a profile of a girl with an afro. And BOOM the combination was born. 

gig-poster-sketches gig-sketches2

Then I took it into illustrator not really knowing what angle I was going for. In my mind and on paper I was still seeing a side profile of an afro but I quickly realized the side profile wasn’t going to look very much like an oak tree. 

I started trying to do something more realistic, like this:

Yeah, didn’t love that, at all. Plus gradients weren’t allowed so I scratched the realistic skin idea. My next draft looked like this: 

I liked my color scheme and the typography but the tree still didn’t look just right. After some critique and looking at oak trees I found a better shape for my tree:


TADA! I added a wood background that was image traced in illustrator to add to the tree feel. (The wood texture was downloaded off of Max Pixel which is labelled for reuse with modification)

I am really happy with how it turned out. 



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Hi Guys! My name is Taylor Sweeten and I am currently a student full time and work part time as a graphic designer in the IT department on the BYU Idaho campus. I was born and raised in Canada but my husband and I live in Rexburg Idaho. I love working in illustrator and I am excited to expand my knowledge and skills in vector graphics.

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