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It’s Gig Poster Week,

I’ve been thinking about this project since the beginning of the semester. I wasn’t 100% sure what we were supposed to do but I knew it was supposed to be out of the box. Seeing other student examples blew my mind! How on earth could I be as creative as them! I rarely can think of anything original. The only things I can draw are like cartoons that I’m looking at. I started with how we were brainstorming in class. Writing 3 random words and then branching off of them. Then to add more variety, I had my husband branch off of that, then I again branched off of his. 

Alli Brock Gig Poster

I started sketching using the words, hat, wiener dog, and bubbles. I had a idea in my head of a bunch of weiner dogs wearing hats and blowing bubbles. I think wiener dogs are funny little animals, and wearing hats it remind me of like the hipster trend of animals wearing clothes. So I was planning to go the hipster route with my band. 

Alli Brock Gig PosterAlli Brock - Gig Poster

I started putting three of my favorite sketches into illustrator and made some graphics. Nothing was sticking. I wasn’t sure how I could make it look less amateur and more professional. I talked with a good friend of mine Andrew D Roberts, who I consider an amazing artist. He currently works with a company doing special effects for Hollywood Movies, and Netflix shows. He doesn’t get to have much say on the creative side since he’s just starting out, but I’ve seen some of his personal projects he’s done and I know I would have ever been able to create something so detailed and believable. I explained to him my idea and my problem. He suggested I looked at Disney’s 101 Dalmatians. Even though it’s cartoon, they did a great job showing the difference between breeds without going into too much detail.  

I love that movie so I took a while looking at that. But I still wasn’t feeling it. So started going though my sketchbook to see if there was anything that wasn’t Disney. I found this sketch I did one time while watching conference.

Alli Brock - Sketch

My draft was simple I couldn’t think of what to do for the background so I just played with a bunch of blending.

After talking to my professor, he pointed out and gave me advice on how to improve the nose. It was perfect! It looks soooo much better!!

Alli Brock

I’m really proud of how it turned out. I think it came out simple but still interesting enough to catch some one’s attention.

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