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Goal: Create a Gig Poster

The beginning of this project was the most difficult part. The first step in making my gig poster was to name a fictitious band. I asked for suggestions and one of them was Puppeteers. I liked the name so I ran with it.  I decided that I wanted Puppeteers to be a pop rock band. I wanted my poster to be fun and light. 


I decided on an underwater theme that featured jellyfish as my main subjects. I started out sketching my background with the waves. Pretty much everything else in my sketches wasn’t really used in my actual design.







I decided to start off making my background in Illustrator, layering my waves and making them darker and darker as I went. They started off a little more blue and ended up more green than they originally were. I created some jellyfish in another layer, varying the sizes and colors to make sure that one main jellyfish was my focal point. 

After that I added in a basic border and the font stating the name of the band, where they were playing and when. Here’s my rough draft.








The first thing I did in my revisions phase was to find a color scheme. I found one that reminded me of the ocean and went from there, This made my sea more green and a few of my jellyfish more coral in color. I also knew that I needed to give my jellyfish some more detail, so I lengthened and messed with their strings and changed them up. I also gave them more detail on the hoods. 

Next, I added in just a few more bubbles and gave my border a texture. I used a  texture photo, converted it into a vector and masked it onto my border. The last thing I did was center my text and make the band’s name bigger. Here’s the finished poster.

I think this poster fits well wth the band for many reasons. The band is a pop rock band, they play fun, upbeat music. So the poster has bright colors and a fun subject, jellyfish. There is a sunken ship in the corner to convey that there is a little bit of darkness in the lyrics of some of the band’s songs. There are also bubbles in the poster because pop rock is a bubbly kind of music. The ocean theme came from the venue’s name, The Duchman (spelled irregularly for fun)!

 I’m excited to print the poster and see it in real life.

Enjoy and let me know what you think in the comments below. 

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