I started this project with a very clear idea in my head. Which of course means I threw it away at the first sign of disinterest. My sketched deal mostly with simple geometric designs and random ideas that I had seen before. They also include a few things that I often just doodled and a few ideas that just had to do with how I was feeling at the time.

As I started in on my draft I started with an idea about the four horsemen, but I got distracted and started to just make a little fox. About two hours later I had a little fox that I had spent hours with and a few anchor points that were as far as I got with my original idea. It was obvious to me that the fox was my idea, so I ran with it, and threw some text up next to it.

This draft had some obvious problems with it. The tail looked strange, the typeface was terrible, and the drop shadow was terrible. So I made some quick changes and posted my second draft. I used principles of lost and found to make the face. Even though the face and chest blend together the black of the nose allows you to complete the face and create the idea that you can see all of it.

This fox was looking much better. The more natural positioning of the tail and the better choice of typeface made the image much clearer. It was suggested that I make the fox less symmetrical and fix the awkward anchor points on the tail. The words also needed to look like they were part of the image and not just placed next to it. 

So i changed the shape of the fox slightly, made the line that made the tali look more like it was behind the fox more interesting, and changed the eyes from boring circles to something more expressive. I then attempted to make the tip of the tail more natural, I can seen now a portion that changes a little too suddenly still, and the idea came to me that I could make the typeface look like the fox was drawing the words with his tail. I extended the line on the y so that it connected with the tail, I can see now that it needed to be a little more deliberate, and found that it made the words look more like they were part of the image.  This also created an interesting asymmetric balance using the text and the fox. Over all I was happy with the final results.

Thanks to my roommate for being my model.

Rachel Barney

Rachel Barney

My name is Rachel Barney and I am from Burley, Idaho. I am web design and development student a Brigham Young University - Idaho.Enjoy the outdoors and many forms of media entertainment.
Rachel Barney

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