It was fun getting into Adobe After Affects and creating animation. This Project was much harder for me because I was not familiar with Adobe After Affects at all and so when i messed up i couldn’t fix my issue but rather i would have to restart my whole project again. This took a lot of time for me.



I knew from the beginning that this i was i wanted to do for my animation but i had to draw a storyboard to understand exactly how it would work because i knew it would be a little difficult for me. I created all of the pieces for my animation in Adobe Illustrator and then imported them into Adobe After Affects. 

Final GIF

After I imported the pieces of my animation from Illustrator into adobe after effects i added all of my pieces together and created this GIF. I had to export into photoshop and then create a GIF from there. This was much more difficult then i had thought. It did not come out as well as i had hope because the fact that i could not figure out how to do everything that i wanted. I had to restart my GIF every time that i messed up because i couldn’t figure out how to go back and fix the issues.


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