Lightbulb Animation Gif


I knew what I wanted to do right away and I took advantage of it because the last project made me feel like I was running out of ideas. So the purpose of this project was to use Adobe After Effects to make my artwork move!

I began with my sketches and I made it a bit more complicated than it should have been. For a beginner, it was nice to realize how much I don’t know and that I might be pushing myself too hard by complicating things. So I ended up not doing anything with scratching the head.



I realized that it would be weird to have a shape that wasn’t close to a circle and then try to make it look like the mouth was open. So I ended up changing that. I also ended up not using any arms just because I took the the scratching out so the arms felt pointless in the movements.

Final Product

I was able to get the lightbulb man to bounce up and down while he was tapping his foot and to have the inside wires heat up toward the end of the gif. I’m really happy with it and very proud of myself for learning how to use the program as well as the outcome of my gif. 


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