Have you ever gotten an idea and you’re in the middle of doing it and then you get another idea so you stop what you are doing and start creating your new idea? Yeah, me too!

When I was thinking of what do for a GIF I was thinking of doing something simple. So I decided to do a toaster. I was in the kitchen when I came up with this idea. Figures. I thought that making the toaster would be super easy and then making it pop shouldn’t be that hard. 

Here are my sketches for it. When I sketched it I made it into a storyboard type of thing.

Our professor showed us examples of animated videos that people have done in after effects. One of the videos he showed us was a music box and I thought that was so cool. So I decided to go with that idea instead of the toaster. So I made a record player/gramophone.

I sketched it out on the computer and then it turn out like this…this is after I colored it in.

I wanted to do more so I made another picture of the city and I wanted to make the lights fade in and out. Then I made music notes that faded in and out and that swung from side to side.

I chose the song “American Boy” by Estelle featuring Kanye West because it mentions New York.

I learned a lot about after effects and I’m excited to continue learning about it.

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