Turning Large Dogs Into Small Icons 

For my icons I decided to turn large dogs into small icons. This was an exciting project for me because this was one of the first times that I made something in Illustrator. I knew for a while that I wanted to have dogs as my icon set, I just didn’t know how I wanted them to look, so I hit the notepad and began sketching. 


Sketching is an awesome opportunity to get your ideas onto paper before illustrating. I turned on classical music and let my mind wonder into a world of dogs and creativity. After I sketched out my images I placed a star by my favorite ideas so that I could think more about what I wanted to do. I let my self just sit still while I thought more about my icons; I determined that I wanted my icons to be a profile of large dog breeds with strong angles and no eyes. Next, I jumped into Illustrator to sketch out my first six dogs. 

First Draft 

This was my first draft of my dog icons. I knew before jumping into illustrator that vectors should be made up of shapes rather than thin black lines. In my class my teacher pulled up all of our drafts and critiqued them in front of the class. It was really nice to receive public critique because it helped me to really remember what I needed to fix. The main thing that needed correction with my drafts was that I had way too many tangents in my designs and there wasn’t enough of a consistent item to bring my icons together, so I decided to add a shadow under each of the dogs necks. 

Final Icons 

I learned so much during this project about Illustrator and design. After studying more about tangents I was able to remove the tangents from my designs and add six more dogs to my icon set. The biggest challenge and lesson that I learned while editing my final draft was that the shape builder tool is not always the best tool to use because sometimes it will bring in extra anchor points. I also learned that sometimes less is more, especially when it comes to a small icon. I demonstrated this by narrowing each of my dogs’ individual color schemes so that it would be more simplified. And last of all, I got to learn more about different large dog breeds. 



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