Landing On the Moon | Vector Paths

For this project I had to create a vector image in Illustrator that would be imported into After Effects and made into a gif. I have never worked with After Effects before and so this project was pretty intimidating for me. My objectives were to make a gif that looped smooth from the beginning to end and to also figure out how to use After Effects.

I first started out with sketches. I had a TON of ideas on what I wanted to do. Some of the ideas I knew would be a lot more complicated then the others and so I didn’t choose to do those since I have no experience in After Effects. My top three picks out of my sketches were the old fashion fan, The rocket ship and the boat.

I decided to go with the rocketship! I knew that I could create an interesting gif that looked professional with the rocketship. So I took my idea and created some illustrations in Illustrator. Each of these items in Illustrator are on separate layers so when I import them into After Effects I can move each on of the different objects.

I then imported this file into After Effects and started working on the gif. I found that it was a lot simpler then I thought it was going to be to animate each of these different parts! After working on animating for a couple hours came up with this!

I was really proud of myself for doing something a little more complicated then I originally planned for but I got some critiques and realized that how the moon spreads out is awkward and when passing the moon you really can not tell that it was the moon. So I added some shadows to the moon, slowed it down a bit and made the transition of landing on the moon smoother. After that I made a few minor adjustments adding easy ease to the smoke and making sure that the gif looped correctly and here is what I came up with!

I was able to achieve my objectives by successfully figuring out how to use After Effects and by making my gif loop seamlessly.



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