I really want a lake house like this one that Andrey Sharonov has illustrated. I thought this would be a good example to use because of the simple detail he’s put into it. With the color palette, you can easily tell the sun rising from the left-hand side. 

The simple detail of the mountains at a different opacity has a neat effect on the photos causing it to have depth. I’ve realized that it’s really the small details that make the artwork look stunning and neat. The clouds above do the same thing of having a shadow effect causing the drawing to have motion.

The roof stood out to me because of the pattern and angles in which you can see different shadows being cast because of the chimneys. The house is also the only object that has details within it’s shading. All of the others have the shades just being a different color.

Since the house is the focal point in the illustration it sits on the rule of thirds grid. I imagine this image like it’s planning to the right because of the leeway the house and rock shore bring. I didn’t notice this before but the reflection of the house isn’t wavy on the corners; It only happens in the middle while the glimmering effect is the same color as the reflection. 


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