While I was approaching this project of creating new, interesting stickers, I was quickly excited to experiment with a mash-up of some sort. One of my first ideas was create a mix of kirby and characters from the game Overwatch. But as I was searching, I saw that someone had already made a really great version of that very idea with the characters included in the game at launch. While I was a little disappointed, I knew that I needed to start sketching to really get my ideas laid out.

After experimenting by sketching a handful of different ideas, I realized that there have been five additional characters added to the game since that other kirby piece was created, so I could use some of them instead to make something new and original. I looked at what special features each character was most easily recognized by and compared that to what kirby usually looks like after sucking up the powers of characters in the game Super Smash Bros. Between these two observations, I came up with how I wanted Kirby to look after he had sucked up the powers from some of the additional Overwatch characters.

When I jumped into Illustrator, I started by creating the general shape of Kirby as a base to put all the Overwatch pieces on top of. Then I started creating the character ana. I tried creating some minimal shadow, but put more of my focus on getting the shapes right.

When I showed these to my art director to keep him updated on this first draft, he suggested that I work a bit more on the shadows, like adding some to kirby’s body and arms, and fixing the ones on his feet. I went ahead and did that with the main kirby and then added more shadows to the facial features of Ana.

After I got Ana figured out, I then added Sombra (top), and Doomfist (right). While they are fairly simple, I feel that is what makes a Kirby mash-up look right, just enough detail to tell who it is while still very much being Kirby underneath. I am quite happy with how these three have turned out and look forward to making more of them in the future now that I have a good base created.




Parker Ogden is an interdisciplinary student with focusing on a concentration in visual communication. He grew up in Redding, California, and now lives in Rexburg, Idaho with his wife Emily. Parker enjoys board sports of all kinds and team-driven innovation.

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