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It’s funny how much you don’t know about something about something until you spend two weeks creating it in illustrator, am I right?

The criteria for this project was to make a photo-realistic time piece with moving parts (not animated, just parts that move in real life) in illustrator using only vectors. I spent quite a bit of time scrolling through Pinterest looking at watches, examining their shapes, and learning what I did and did not want to include in my timepiece. I eventually landed on this watch and decided to stick with it. 


I started with sketches. I focused most of my sketches on gradients and tried to learn more about highlights and shadows. 


I then took my reference photo and my sketches into illustrator and went to work! I had several different drafts because there were a few things that I just couldn’t seem to get right. Like the marble for example. At first I kept getting this really swirly texture and I couldn’t figure out how to fix it. Luckily a classmate pointed out to me that my marble looked like swirled paint and the one in the reference photo looked more like cracks, and once I focused more on that, it came much easier!



After lots of work and critique, I finally felt like I had my watch in a good place… and then my hard drive crashed. Everything was gone. Including my time piece. Luckily, after many, many hours I was able to get it back to the same place, and after much critique I finally got my time piece to a finishing point! I was even able to create my own vector texture from a photograph to include in the strap. 

This photo shows all the different layers and pieces, and the two following show the outlines. I included one with and one without the texture so that it is easier to see since the texture covers up most of the band. 



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