I had so much fun designing this project and being creative with illustrator more so than I’ve been able to before; it felt like I had unlimited reign to turn my ideas into actual “art”. It also made me go a little crazy, but when does illustrator not? I just struggled so much with that exact artistic liberty we were given on this project, because I thought I liked where the design was at, but I always feel like there could be improvement. With people, I feel that it’s especially hard to execute the ideas I have in my head onto illustrator and that’s also something I struggled with during this design. Through the struggle though, I’m happy with the overall feel that I was able to achieve through my design and I’m happy with where I decided to place all of the texts and how the hair turned out. Note to self: I need a break from trying to design hair. 

Sketch it Out

For my sketching process, I knew exactly what I wanted and it helped me so much this time around. Sketching the hands was especially helpful when I wanted to move from drawing to illustrator. Lips is always something i like to draw out before I try to illustrate them on the computer, so that was helpful as well. 


Draft Day

I honestly rushed through my draft and I kind of surprised and disappointed myself at the same time. I was surprised with how much I could design in a matter of hours, but I know I didn’t put my best effort into a lot of components of the design. I always struggle with the hair for some reason, and I definitely struggled with it on this one, because i knew it would only be suggested, as the background was going to be hair, and I thought I liked it. I’m really glad I decided to go another way with the hair, though because it really challenged me to try and tackle waves, and I’m very happy with the final product versus what I had here. 


I feel as though with this draft, the colors just didn’t go together and didn’t feel cohesive. I wanted it to have a certain color palette, and this just wasn’t it. 


Catching Jungle Fever

Looking at my draft and my final in front of me, it just makes me realize that so many “little” tweeks to one general idea can quite literally make all the difference. Even the band name was changed to something I felt was so much better. Originally, I was going to have her have greenish-blue hair, but I thought this orange went better with my color palette. I pulled colors from a design I really liked and that changed the whole dynamic of my design. I would say that this taught me to choose my colors first next time, as to avoid the feeling of non-unity throughout the design, just making it feel “off” no matter what I did to it. 

Like I said, I could’ve sat there and changed so much for hours more, including detailing on the lip and eyes; but I’m so happy with how it ended up turning out, and I’m proud of my abilities to stick to it and make the changes I did make to make it so much better. I had so many things in mind for this gig poster, but what I’ve created feels the closest to what I had envisioned and it was a long and grueling process, but I truly learned so much during this design in particular. I feel that my layers were so much cleaner, my design skills have been improved to the point where I know how to move my hands with the pen tool-hair was so much easier to do this time around than with the T-shirt, and I learned to be patient with myself and to just let myself take the time I need instead of rushing into designing something with the intention of fixing it later. 



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