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The goal I set out in the beginning of this project was to create the most realistic looking watch that I could using only vectors. I have had some experience using Adobe Illustrator but I have never tried to re create a realistic object before. Another goal I had was to learn how to use gradients, patterns, and most importantly how to really see and understand shapes. 

As I go through some of the steps I took to reach this outcome I will share what I learned, struggles I had, and triumphs throughout the process.


The first step I took was researching what watch I wanted to make. I chose the IWC Big Pilot 5002. I remember having seen a video where John Mayer talked about all the watches he owns. One of his favorites was the Big Pilot because it was originally designed for for Pilots. The original design was made for utility over style. However throughout the years it has been modified and perfected.

I began sketching the different parts of the watch in order to solidify in my head what made the watch unique. I also tried to find as many photos of the watch as I could to help me decide which angle I wanted to make it. 

skecthes          photo          reference


I started by focusing on the main parts of the watch. I outlined the big shapes and worked to get the words and fonts to match as closely as I could. One of the interesting problems I ran in to was deciding what to do with the unique type face that was used for the numbers. I decided to try and create them using circles and squares based off the low quality image I had. It was difficult but I wanted the numbers to match because that is part of what make the watch unique.



The outline view shows you just how many individual shapes went in to creating this watch. Creating the shapes was the easy part. Where it got really tricky was learning to see where all the many different shadows and highlights were, and mimicking the textures the watch had.



Can you tell which one is which? Probably, but at first glance It’s hard to tell.


 Here is a closer look at some of the fine detail.



While I know that my watch isn’t perfect I am proud of what I was able to accomplish. There are things I want to fix and parts I didn’t get to finish, but overall I think my watch turned out awesome! This was by far the most challenging assignment so far. It was very time consuming and required a lot of patience to noticing the subtle changes that were throughout the watches curves and edges. 

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