I am a fan of fantasy, magic, and all things in between. For my icon set project I chose to design unique potion bottles filled with different colored liquids. I wanted to create bottles that were interesting enough to be used in a story or video games. 



My original idea was to either create small daggers and swords or potion bottles. I ended up choosing the potion bottles based on my own interests, the feedback I received from my classmates, and because I knew it would be a challenge. About half of my sketches were inspired by internet research and the other were just designs I created. It was very helpful to just put my pencil to the paper and start drawing. This was one of the most crucial steps in my process because it helped me get good ideas out.


These were some of my first attempts at transforming my physical sketches into digital objects. I struggled with making the glass look realistic, adding shadows and highlights, and with overall shape. I was happy with where things were going but knew I was missing something. One piece of feedback I received in regards to the red potion bottle was that real glass doesn’t have sharp edges like mine had. I was able to take that advice and curve the lines as well as revisit looking at reference photos. 

The bottle on the right was awkward and needed a lot of help. I ended up taking elements from this shape and creating something new. I was helped out through feedback I received of searching online for images of scotch bottles. They tended to have unique geometric shapes that I could draw inspiration from. 


final icons

I am very proud of the final results of my icons. I feel I was able to accomplish my objective of creating realistic potion bottles that could be used in stories or video games. Through the many hours of designing I was able to create harmony between all the different bottles. Even though they are all different they feel like they go together. You can notice the differences between the rough draft icons and the final. The shapes, details, shading, etc are all refined to produce a quality image.

Jordan Harris

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