Jamming Out With White Noise | Vector Paths

The Draft Stage

One of the important things that I had to do was figure out the direction that I wanted to go with as I was creating my Gig Poster. I had an image in my mind of a lightning bold striking a valley or a mountain and so I began putting up some concept drawings.

I felt that the mountain stood out more and was more appealing and then I had the thought to make the title of the band into the cloud where the lightning was striking from. I had fun learning how to use the envelope distort tools but after countless trial and errors, I couldn’t seem to get anything better than a Microsoft Word looking cloud blob. I eventually scrapped the idea and went with a more dynamic approach.  

Building Off of Failed Attempts 

I could definitely tell that I was getting closer and closer with each adjustment that I was making. I began to add more detail to the mountains, used blending to create the lightning effect as well as the sky, and kept playing with the text. The blending on the sky felt too much like a gradient so I had to play around with those settings quite a bit to get the size just right, as well as the colors. I also liked the effects blending was offering me and so I ended up using a blending effect on my mountain in the foreground. 

The Final Rendition

Finally, after putting together all the elements with the sky, mountains, and lightning, I felt that was the correct direction to go. In the end, I completely scrapped the cloud text idea, even though that was the first main element that I was working on and tried keeping. It just didn’t feel like it fit the rest of the design and I also like the design of the three main elements more than the bubble-like structure of the cloud formation. 


Thank you for reading about my creative process about making this gig poster for White Noise. Be sure to check out more of my blog posts to see what I’ve been up to and what I’ll be creating in the future as well.

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