My stickers! They’re alive! I am so pumped about these stickers. I am printing off an entire roll of them along with my gangsta fish that I created for my t-shirt project. 

To begin this process, I pulled out my sketch pad. I first started off with different categories and then, wrote down as many words as I could in each category. Then I sketched some of the different words I came up with that I like the most. I knew I wanted to do a street art/ skateboard sort of sticker so I had an aesthetic I was looking for while doing this.

I actually had a creative breakthrough with this sketching. I figured out that the way my brain works, is if I make have the different characters interact with each other. By doing this, I create stories for each one and it gives some life to them to help with my creative process.

I then went into illustrator. I decided I wanted to do all food items.

My first shot at it was ok but then I really didn’t like it. So I scratched the idea. I went on to Pinterest to get some inspiration and sketched some more. I decided to keep the same color scheme for each sticker but do three different types. Like I said, I knew I wanted a street art/ skateboard style so I first chose my color palette.

WABAM! Nice, bright colors! On to designing!

After a couple attempts I finally figured out the exact designs I wanted. It seemed as though the designs came to me as I began each one. They revealed themselves in a unique way each time.

The zombie donut started off as my favorite but after all was said and done, the monkey turned out to be my favorite.

After getting everything done I did all the necessary steps to get these stickers, and my gangsta fish, to Alpha Graphics to be turned into legit stickers! I don’t have them yet but I am super pumped to see them.

I have to say, this was such a fun project. After an entire semester of learning the ins and outs of illustrator and vector graphics, I am proud of these stickers and want to give them out to people. Even sell them if I can!




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