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This project was almost the death of me. It made me so anxious, and I think it must be the perfectionist in me. It was really hard to figure out what I wanted to do, how I wanted to do it and I restarted about four to five times on a new watch each time. Here is my process and hopefully it doesn’t make you as anxious as it made me! 

I started by sketching the watches and I really enjoyed getting to think about what I wanted to do. I sketched these watches before even looking at ones online. I enjoyed coming up with my own renditions. I know that Brother Kerr has a rule about sketching- sketch for 5 to 7 seconds and then move on- but for this one, I wanted to get into the details. I wanted to think it out before I looked at more realistic watches. I had fun and it made me think about which direction I wanted to go. 

Before I looked at watches online, I attempted to create it on Illustrator. All I have to say is that my first attempt at the watch was not very successful. I got the basic shape but I really hated the highlights and the band. it didn’t look realistic at all. After this attempt, I then looked online for realistic examples.

When I searched for watches online and attempted multiple styles, I finally found two watches that I would later combine. I liked the band and the color of the first and the watch face style of the second. I also wanted to add my own twist to it. I wanted to turn it into a watch that I would wear.

I put the shape together and once i did that, I fel like everything started coming together. I knew where I wanted the highlights. I knew where I wanted the shadows. I likes making the band look like it bent with the “light” that I added. 

I am excited with how it turned out. I know it isn’t perfect, but I am proud of what I finally accomplished. My hard work, patience, anxiety and stress all paid off. I am grateful for this process and I am happy with what I did. I wish I had even more time, but I really liked adding those final touches and feeling accomplished. But I am so proud. It’s about time!



Jamie Garrard graduated from LDS Business College in December 2015 with an Associates in Social Media Marketing. She then started school at BYU-Idaho and is a Communication major, focusing on Visual Media. She loves photography especially when she can take photos of babies! She married her high school sweetheart in 2016. Jamie plans on graduating in July of 2018.

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