When I was first working on my animation sketches I originally wanted to stick with either a shooting arrow or something with a beach scene. However I thought of the idea of doing palm trees with falling coconuts with a blurred beach background.

  I started my draft by drawing out the shapes and angles of the palm leaves then working on the structure and outline of coconuts. Originally I was going to have a completely blurred out beach scene, but then I decided to make it like an island and then have a blurred beach and sky.


  Now that my design was finished I began playing around with the positions and rotation in after effects. So for my first movement I made the leaves sway left and right as if they were ready to shake the coconuts out.


   After a couple of shakes I used the position tool to make the coconuts fall from the tree then have the back ones roll forward. I then used the scale tool to make the coconuts that were further away a bit bigger to change the perspective.

  After plotting all my keyframes and getting the position I wanted on everything I made a loop so my gif could keep going. I am happy with my final animation and am glad to have gotten some more experience in after effects.

Larissa Medina

Larissa Medina

Hey I'm Larissa Medina, I am an aspiring filmmaker and photographer. You can check out some of my work at: larissamedinablog.wordpress.com.
Larissa Medina

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