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Gig Posters are pretty cool because they are unique to each city. Bands, Musicians and Artists would contract out to local artists/designers to design a special poster just for the one night they were in town. These posters would then be blanketed around town. The thing that makes a Gig Poster unique is that it has to convey a symbolic meaning while representing the style of music for the artist. 


When I first started this project, I wanted to create a gig poster for a punk/new wave band since that happens to be one of my favorite styles of music. However, as the project commenced, I started to alter that. My first iteration was quite simple in its nature and is reminscent of a club/dance/edm style of gig, something like Deadmau5 or even The Weeknd. 

Things began to transform as I continued to continue to be bored in Illustrator. I knew I wanted to incorporate the blend tool since it’s so awesome, so I just started playing around with that. I ended up creating two triangles and blended them together, eventually continuing to layer them together. The result was this cool mouth-like effect. 

I felt that I was headed in a right direction, but it needed something more. I then rotated the center triangle and this created an eye! I love it. The first word that initially came to my mind was retina, and I started to play around with this, but I wasn’t feeling it. 



Then, randomly, as I was talking my mind out loud, just bouncing words and ideas out of my head, the name came to me… Tunnel Vision! I felt that this name fit the style of the poster – which is alternative. The thing I love about this is the progression of values towards the center. It suddenly gets more vibrant and more in your face. 

Alex Brown

Alex Brown

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