Instrumental Icons | Vector Paths

In this project, I wanted to create some icons of instruments. I love music so much, so I wanted to show the world who I am through these. I hope to be able to use these icons for personal branding in the future. I wanted them to look photo-realistic, but without losing the simple quality that an icon should have.


I always knew that I wanted to have several instruments, all at an angle. I had to mess around with shapes and angles. As you can see, with the guitar, I tried 2-D, 3-D, and stoke-only sketches. Once I knew that I wanted to do 3-D, I started messing around with different angles and shadows I could do.


Once I was done with my draft, I received feedback, mostly on the cylinder objects. I changed the angles on the tambourine and drum. Not only did they look a little rough, but they weren’t very cohesive. So I put them on the same angle.


After putting in a lot of hard work on creating the first six, and then editing them, I finished the set. The objective of this set is to show my love for music. Because of the detail I put into the instruments, you can see that I love music and my instruments. They are also photo-realistic and simple. I am proud of these icons and I know I will be able to use them in the future.

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Hi there! I am a Web Design student at BYU-Idaho. I love design, color, art, and music. If it involves creativity, I'm in! I also have a special love for pizza, pigs, and palm trees.

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