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Searching through Behance for a professional graphic design image, I came across this awesome rendition of Eleven from the Netflix series, Stranger Things. It was designed by Viktor Miller-Gausa. Although it errs more on the side of being photorealistic, the designer made it a bit abstract while still making it as realistic as he possibly could. Anyone familiar with the Stranger Things series can unmistakably tell that this character is Eleven.

The designer took lighting and shadowing into account to make Eleven’s face as realistic as possible. He made sure to highlight the places where the light would naturally hit her face. The tops of her cheeks, her bottom lip, and the lower part of her forehead above her eyebrow where it protrudes slightly.

Likewise, he made sure to apply shadows to places where shadows would naturally occur. The part of her face opposite of the light, under her eyes, under her lip/top of her chin, under her jawline and parts of her neck.

As realistic as this graphic design image is, there are some very sharp, pronounced edges and shapes within this image. Some of the highlights and shadows look like very hard strokes. Part of her hair looks like black paint is dripping off of it and her eyes look more red than they do brown (which they are brown in the series). I think the designer did a great job at recreating Eleven while also doing a bit of an abstract spin on it. Although her eyes are red in this image, the designer tied that in with the background and the title of the show behind her.

This image works well because of the shadowing and highlighting. The colors the designer used also go well together and nothing seems out of place. He also added realistic texture to her eyebrows and hair. The falling piece of glass with the reflection of Eleven’s eyes in it are aligned well with her face. The sharp edges and shapes (her nose, ear, and hairline for example) were used effectively to make this image more dramatic.


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