This week for my t-shirt I wanted to do something with hammocking! I ABSOLUTELY LOVE HAMMOCKING! I started by trying to come up with hammocking puns be cause I didn’t want just a shirt with a hammock on it. 

Some of my thoughts where:

  • Teamwork makes the dream work with the trees branches giving each other a high-five and the hammock swinging below. 
  • “happiness” tucked in the hammock.
  • “it’s between me and the trees.

I tried to sketch each of these ideas but didn’t really work out the way I wanted. After hours of thought I came up with: “Id rather hang with the trees” this is my first draft. 


It was very simple. I wanted it to be very simple and I wanted the ropes from the hammock and the trees to be implied. After receiving some critique from my peers and instructor. I decided I wanted the trees to be more implied than actual trees. I also wanted my words to be more included in the design so I came up with this:

I am Happy with what I have created! I can’t wait to see it printed!


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