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For this icon set I created 12 characters for the set of young justice. Because the characters age out and new ones are added each season; I picked the original team and then added on my favorite characters until I got to the twelve. I wanted to learn more about expressions though eyes. This was my key objective. My objective is what inspired me to draw their faces instead of the costumes. Once I decided what I generally wanted to create I went to my sketch book. 

After trial and error I settled on their general head shape. This is when I brought them into the computer. I focused on six to begin with incase anything changed during the process,

In this draft I included their symbols with their faces. However my professor wanted to see if I could explain who they were without their symbols. I took this challenge and dropped the symbols and the shadow. I then created the other six. First I created their hair and general features. Then I got caught up on their eyes. My main problem here was also the lack of expression in their eyes. I went back to the computer and researched how to draw emotion in eyes for a good hour before I continued in the computer. Then I created 2 new eyes, one male and the other female. The two characters in the blue circles are the new eyes and the two characters in the red circle are the old eyes.


I then replaced all the eyes on all the characters with the new style. 


I went back to my professor seeking help because some of my characters still looked a little flat. He gave me a few Ideas and once again it was back into the computer to make any final details.  Leaving me with my final product.


I believe I met my objective of learning how to convey emotion through eyes. Each characters personality can be seen through their facial expressions, even when their masks are covering their eyes. 

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