It’s been a long journey from where I started to where I have ended up. When I was given the assignment to design 12 vector graphic icons I was excited. I had lot of ideas and it was hard for me to decide which one. I started to sketch out one of my ideas and I loved it. I decided on a LDS temples theme. I have always loved architecture and buildings so I thought it would be fun to design a simple version of some of my favorite temples and add a cute floral design for the border.

I created a quick rough draft of my temples and floral design and I was less than impressed, but I couldn’t really figure out what I didn’t like about them. My professor, Brother Kerr gave me some really great feedback and told me to try and design the temples without the floral boarder. At first it was hard for me to let go of the floral because I really liked that style.

Then I realized something very important when designing icons. I realized that while my idea was a good one it wasn’t really an effective icon. I had to think about what an icon really was. It’s not a detailed design; it’s a simple message.

Then I was stuck again, it is my natural instinct to want to add as much detail as I can and make things look as real as I can but I needed to find a balance. I started to work with my designs more and I tried to really focus on their shapes. As I did this I started to see past all the detail and could see the temples as an icon. I added a think background to each of the temples to emphasize their shape and used a few different stroke weights to give them a little more variety.

I learned that sometimes it can be hard to find a balance, but as you try to focus on what your goal and purpose is, in this case to create a simple icon that’s communicates a message, you are able to learn and develop new skills. I really like how my icons turned and I hope you do too!



I am a communications major at BYU-Idaho with an emphasis in visual communications.

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