I teach yoga, which influenced the theme of my t-shirt. I knew I wanted to do something with sanskrit, or yoga phrases and an image to match it. 

I sketched out these ideas. I played around with dogs and upward facing and downward facing dog pose. I continuously found myself drawn to skulls and savasana.

I knew that I would actually wear a shirt with a skull on it rather than a cartoon dog. I tried to keep that in mind “Savasana” means “corpse pose” in English, which also inspired me to use a skull. 

I drafted a quick mockup of an idea.

As I continued to play around with the skull, I kept coming back to the idea of a sugar skull. I looked online at images of sugar skulls. I realized I could use the sugar skull to incorporate more symbolism into my design. 

I created a mandala, which is a type of drawing eastern monks use; I have created yoga flows based off of the principle of mandalas. 

As I created the sugar skull, I felt like the mandala was not really working. I continued to look at various sugar skulls and I realized most of them have a design on the chin. I chose to place the mandala on the chin. 

I also placed the “ohm” sign on the forehead, which also represent the third-eye center, or center of intuition and creativity.

I chose a script font. A yoga small yoga brand I like uses a font that looks similar to this, which inspired my choice of font for this design. 

I forgot to take more screenshots of my process. But it eventually lead to this:


Jocelyn Smith

Jocelyn Smith

Student at Brigham Young University- Idaho
I grew up in Huntington Beach, California. I attend Brigham Young University- Idaho where I am studying Communications with an emphasis in Public Relations.

I am a certified yoga instructor. I love yoga and I love teaching yoga. I have a passion for health and having balance.

I love learning about visual design and I hope to continue to improve in that skill set.
Jocelyn Smith

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