Beginning this project was intimidating.  As I began this project I knew nothing about how to design a photo realistic vector watch.  My knowledge of gradients and patterns was non-existent.  My objective was to design a simple watch and demonstrate a proper use of gradients.  I wanted to stretch myself but also stay within in my limits and capability. 

To start, I began sketching out some of the different parts of the watch face.  I tried to focus on the shading and where the light would hit the objects.  My goal through sketching was to understand how the shading would be and to truly see every detail and aspect of the watch. 


I was fairly happy with the first draft of my watch.  I was a little hesitant to being tackling the gradients, shading, and patterns so my goal was to just to make sure I had the watch designed and drawn out.  I felt like this would make it easier to begin using the other tools to make it photo realistic.  I know that this draft is definitely not perfect by any means but I wanted to get some more practice with the gradients.  

I received some useful feedback.  I knew there wasn’t much to critique on since I hadn’t applied any gradients or shadows, but I knew where I needed to start.  I did some practice tutorials to make sure I understand how the shapes worked with shading. 

For the most part, I was pleased with how my watch turned out.  It isn’t perfect or the best vector watch, but it is ten times better than my draft and better than anything I would have designed two weeks prior to this project.  I learned how to better use gradients, masks, blur tools, opacity






Bethany Jane

Bethany Jane

I am Bethany Wiggins and I'm 24 years old. I'm originally from Western North Carolina and I'm currently a senior at Brigham Young University Idaho.I am receiving my degree in Communication with an emphasis in Public Relations.My anticipated graduation date will be July 2017.Upon receiving my degree, I plan to return back east to work.
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