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Since we are working on photo-realism this week using vector graphics, I wanted to find a professional example. Upon my search, I saw this graphic of Hugh Laurie and was amazed. Though it is not photo-realistic, it is amazing how real it looks.



The first thing I noticed in the picture that made it more real-looking was the highlights. To me, it looks like they used just a lighter version on his skin tone to make it look like the light was above and in front of him. They also highlighted a few pieces of his hair to show it was coming from above. Because I can see the highlights, I am able to see the parts of his face that stick out further than the rest of his head, giving him a 3D look. 



The next thing I noticed when I looked at this vector graphic were the shadows. It is amazing what a few shapes, turned a slightly darker color, can create in terms of realism. Because his whole neck is a darker shade than his chin, we know and can see his chin sticking out further. I also really liked the shadows under his eyebrows because this is a very defining feature of Hugh Laurie. 


Contrasting Lines

The last thing I noticed was the structure of the shapes and the lines. Everything in this image has very sharp and jagged edges, except the focal point; his eyes. Because his eyes are very round and detailed, they stand out compared to the sharp lines and points on the rest of his face. His eyes are also a very bright blue color, which immediately draws the viewers’ eye to them. 




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