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My fictional band name is Butch Queen, and it’s like blink-182 meets Fall Out Boy meets Madonna meets Lady Gaga meets AC/DC. Yeah, it’s a lot, but I am also a lot, so what would the machinations of my mind be if it weren’t a reflection of myself? 

My first idea was a bust, but eventually, I thought about an art gallery, and my favorite movie, V for Vendetta. There is a painting call “God Save The Queen” where the chancellor is painted to look like Queen Elizabeth II. So since my band’s name is Butch Queen, I decided to do a pop art version of Queen Elizabeth I. 

I created some Texture Layer to help fill the voids in the space. I kept these invisible for most of the work because computer speed. 

I started with the overall body shape, drawing inspiration from old paintings of Queen Elizabeth I. I knew that I wanted her to be edgy so I put one of her hands up. 

I put the details into the body next. I made her hands as flashing peace signs, and her hair just had to be blue. You GOTTA have blue HAIR. Also, she has rose-colored glasses because something-something cliche about seeing life through rose-colored glasses. 

Next, I embellished the gown and made things like a lace pattern for the collar, a pattern brush for the pearl strings, and groups for the star and ruby patterns on the gown. 

Finally, I put the detail on the frame on the outside. I had a bit more trouble with this, but I made groups of objects and that really helped. I also made a mask out of the main frame so that the larger details would be easier. 



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