Icons are hard! Vectoring is hard! But I am learning so much! When I started brainstorming for this project, I was feeling really homesick so I decided to do an icon set from the south. I’m from Louisiana but grew up in Texas and have very deep roots in both places.

I started brainstorming and came up with a list of all of the icons I could think of in Texas and Louisiana. I came up with about ten each and narrowed it down to six each.

I started sketching and decided to do an alligator holding each of the icons.

After talking with some various people and Brother Kerr, I realized that my alligator was looking more like clip art and not an icon. So I revamped and completely re-designed my first couple of icons and just took it from there.

I finalized my icons by making sure that they all had similar shadows, stroke widths, and that they were all monochromatic.

I’m pretty happy with my final icons, I think they represent me and where I’m from really well.



Madison Bluth

Madison Bluth

Madison is a communications major with an emphasis in visual media and a module in advertising at Brigham Young University - Idaho. She runs a photography and videography company called "832 Film" and is seeking visual media and marketing internship opportunities.
Madison Bluth

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