There are a few things that were stressing me out with this project and the first was the Idea alone. I had a few things I wanted to animate but I didn’t know where to start on a couple of these ideas. I wanted to first have a hand drawn stick figure throw up the words “your opinion” in the trash but that seemed a little over my head to give the hand drawn style life in after effects. I decided on something a little bit simpler, with my recent obsession with Harry Potter and the beauty of Scotland in the shots with the Hogwarts express.

I was first starting with a more realistic approach to the design of the train, but when I was looking at different cloud animations I really liked making the whole train out of rounded edges. It made the style mine and I liked where it was headed. 

On the animation I needed two main moving parts, The smoke and the wheels. I purposely gave the wheels no spokes so I could focus on the lines moving on the wheels instead. The Wheels were easy, all it took was the rotate tool and a little patience. 

The smoke on the other hand was two shapes varying in size and following the same path at different times. It was pretty easy and the look at the end was pretty cool and matched the style I was looking for. 


While I was adding the simple background to match the style I found that if you work on the different styles the colors tend to look weird, so I put a shape over the whole video and adjusted the whole color to match the video. It tied everything together and made it a softer image and a more desaturated color that I am a fan of.

Overall this project helped me work with a style I like and mess around with shapes and making them move to appear real. I like how this turned out and I am excited to learn more about what I can do with after effects with rigging and more animation. 

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Zachary Wilson

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