So this assignment has me never wanting to see another watch again like I assume most of y’all are feeling the same way, So I had a lot of challenges with this project one of the many was I accidentally deleted my ai file and had to restart but that wasn’t as bad as my indecisive when it came to what watch I wanted to base my vector off of so after changing my mind a million times finally decided on the one I wanted to do which is shown in the above photo.

Here is the process I went through to get the final project:


The first thing I did with this assignment went on Pinterest and look at all different types of watches, alarm clocks and wall clocks then I started sketching different types of watches and different details of a watch.


once the sketching was done I hopped on to illustrator and created the outline of the first watch that I thought I was going to do then I changed my mind and went back to Pinterest and started my second outline and got kinda far then changed my mind and went back to Pinterest and narrowed it down to  three and my husband helped narrow it down to one and I actually stuck with that one. 

Here are my two attempts at watches:


Once I finally picked my reference photo (third times the charm) I started getting everything set up in illustrator I was almost done with the face of the watch and I hit command-Q instead of command-C don’t ask me how but it happened so I had to restart again and here is my final of this project:

This project has taught me one I can do hard things, and more importantly that the save button saves lives! 


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