The first animation idea that I had was to have Spider-Man swinging across the frame, and I would have a repeating background to show movement. I liked this idea, and still want to do it, but when I was working on the stickers for the last project I made the Master Sword from the Legend of Zelda and since I thought it came out nicely, I decided to create a scene using it.

In Illustrator I made a forest scene for the sword. Since I wanted to use Z-space in After Effects to create a 3D look, I soon found out that I needed to make the scene really wide so that the camera had space to move around. I took a total of 31 layers of plants, grass, and trees to create the look; 3 of those layers were the sword itself, and 2 fairies that I had moving around in the final scene so that the camera had something to follow.

Follow this link to watch the final animation!

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Sariah Southwick is a Visual Communication and Photography student at Brigham Young University-Idaho.
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