I started my stickers with the idea that they would have a sea creature/ underwater theme; I soon saw this theme showing up in many other drafts so I decided to change directions. I started drawing characters from the Lord of the Rings trilogy as dogs. I was going to have three scenes with different characters interacting.

As much as I liked this idea, after finishing one scene, I had other ideas and vector techniques that I wanted to try. While one sticker of Merry and Pippin as Corgi’s had larger strokes throughout, my next scene of Gandalf and the Balrog is done with strokes almost entirely for highlighting the Balrog, and nothing else. 



My final sticker breaks away from the Lord of the Rings theme, and jumps into Hyrule. I started creating the Hylian shield, but switched over to doing the Master Sword, with one half darkened as seen with Shadow Link.

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Sariah Southwick

Sariah Southwick is a Visual Communication and Photography student at Brigham Young University-Idaho.
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