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This week’s project was to create a minimum of three different stickers that all fall under a similar theme. Once again, the creative process changed my direction multiple times, but all in all, I really like the way that these beach-themed stickers turned out! Not only do they have a fun style and color scheme, but they are appealing to all ages. 

In the beginning of this project, however, I was not intending on creating these specific stickers. I wanted to stretch myself by doing something that was far out of my comfort zone. I decided to try and do three different zombie/skulls because one of my boyfriend’s favorite video games to play with his friends is Black-Ops III Zombies. The above are the sketches for that concept. I wanted to make the eyes the main focus of the zombie and so that is what I spent a lot of time trying to develop. As you can see, I tried using different shapes for the eyes as well and the eye lid and skin. I also went through some of the other features of the faces and sketched out a mouth, nose etc. to try and see which look would best fit the design concept. 

This is the first submitted draft of my zombie. I liked how the result matched a lot of my sketches and I thought that all of my shadows were coming a long nicely. One of the comments that I received was that the shadowing under the eyes didn’t quit4e make sense and that I needed more shadows and highlights in general to complete the look that I was going for. In the end, I decided that I would have to finish that set of stickers at a different time because I knew that I did not have adequate time to do the concept justice by the time the due date was going to come around. So, this is when I decided to change my concept. 

This is my final project. After receiving feedback and reevaluating the amount of time that I had to finish the project I decided to change my concept completely. I thought about my childhood and how much I enjoyed going to the beach with my family. These memories are what inspired my final project. I used colors that are slightly muted, but still have a decent vibrance to them. They range from complicated to more simple, but they all portray a very relaxed beach theme. Because of their general nature, these stickers can be appealing to all ages regardless of gender or nationality. 

Madison Blom

Madison Blom

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