Gundam | Vector Paths

I’ve thought about using the heads of my favorite anime show, Gundam. Giant humanoid piloted machines. What’s most iconic about the Gundams are their horns and glowing eyes. I thought that along with those heads, I would include the heads of the enemy machines. Most of the time, the enemy mobile suits (the general term for these machines) often had one eye.


Sketching the heads from each series was a challenge because I needed a reference for how each head was designed. No two Gundams are alike. I drew a head shape on my iPad as a reference and then drew over that the designs of the heads. I did the same thing on paper. (Going green is overrated anyways). Some were from memory, but I had to get visual assistance from online. Almost immediately, I noticed that someone has done a few of the icon designs for head, almost exactly how it looks. So I was already thinking how I could make this mine.

On the first day, I put in about 9 hours for only two icons. That’s when it occurred to me that the project I had in mind was going to take a long time. I tried to round out some of the sharp points like on the horns of the Gundams. Another challenge was a near inconsistency with reference photos. Details were different from each other so I had to take a best guess at them.

Depending on the head I was designing, it often required a lot or less details. The red mobile suits required more attention to detail than the green ones. There wasn’t any feedback from other students for suggestions in improvement. One said I should try to simplify the icons on the day it was due. I think if I were to stop doing what I was already doing and tried to do that, this would never be turned in on time.

Lastly I rearranged them so that the Gundams were next to their corresponding enemies. I estimated I spent 40 hours into these icons. My social life, as Brother Kurr said, disappeared from existence. But it was all worth it.