The internet is full of rising artists and graphic designers with amazing ideas for various projects.  As I looked for inspiration for my own icons, I saw many examples of amazing work and creativity.  However, there was one work in particular that really stood out to me.  This week I found some really great icons on by artist Ryan Putnam.  There were two main reasons why I loved this set of Icons

Color Scheme

The artist, Ryan Putnam chose a color scheme that incorporated colors that were essential for capturing the iconic puffer vest and various objects used by Marty in the Back to the Future film, and he added his own flair and retro vibe by carefully choosing each color on the scheme.


The artist used repetition to create different textures, dimension, and continuity in his icons.  By using repetition the artist helps to add color and size to his icons.  He also creates uniformity and continuity that draws the viewers eye in.  By combining color and repetition the artist creates cohesive icons that are both creative and appealing to the eye.  

Patty Dominguez

Patty Dominguez

Hi, everyone! My Name is Sylvia Patricia Dominguez, but my friends and family call me, Patty. I am a Latina from San Antonio, Texas and I love my Mexican heritage as well as my southern roots.I am a Junior at the Brigham Young University in Idaho.I am currently completing my bachelors degree in communication with an emphasis is in video production.I love to be outdoors, reading, or listening to music, and I love to learn new things.I am excited to embark on this vector adventure!
Patty Dominguez

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