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I picked the google graphic from this weeks little video I felt that it was really simplistic but it still had a sense of cute and relativity to make me think. I wanted to explain it and talk about what I think. 

I really like how cute he looked with the cuddly design he looks almost 3-D even though he is super simple and he has a unique face that I am surprised by. I outlined the eyebrows and nose because they stand out to me like a animal should they are really easy but it looks like it should realistic. I also circled the three small lines by his hip this is because they used them to give the bear some natural shape with out shading or creating fur or anything it just shows that he is round there it is a great way to make him so special. 

I on the third picture did the picture my self I thought that was what we were supposed to do at first and look at the other examples and figured I wasn’t but I think it adds to my point that simple can be good because it makes it more repeatable. 

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