Golden Pursuit Gig Poster | Vector Paths

Part One: Brainstorming

Gig Poster Sketches

This project was very challenging for me. I really struggled to come up with ideas and concepts. I knew I wanted to do a poster for an upbeat indie band and I did a word map with that. I didn’t feel like it really led me the right direction though. When I started sketching I almost did kind of a ‘sketch wordmap’. By that I mean after I sketched one thing, I would sketch another thing that the first thing made me think of. As soon as I brought these ideas into illustrator I hated it… so I went another direction. And this is kind of what I ended up with:

Going Down the Wrong Path

I knew I wanted bright colors to fit an upbeat indie band so that’s where I started. I started with a sky and a sun and made lots of little patterns. I ended up going for a rocky/desert/arches look for the landscape. I just let my mind wander as I drew in Illustrator and I even listened to some upbeat indie music to inspire myself. I knew I didn’t love the result, and from the feedback I got, I knew it wasn’t abstract enough. It just looked like St. George Utah with some patterns thrown on. I tried thinking, well what if the sky was water and there were fishes there, so I did that. But then I realized the bottom would just look like the seascape, so I added some cacti. I didn’t do a good job with the shapes because I was just exploring the idea. I still didn’t like it though. So then I thought, well what if the arch was made of ice. So I tried that out and made some major(ish) changes. Something about it was still feeling wrong though, so I decided to start over and eventually I got going the right way.

To get the final result I actually chose my colors first. I knew I wanted bright vintagey looking colors, so I chose my color scheme. From there I just played around with some shapes. I created some circles and some squares. Then I overlapped them. When I overlapped them the thought hit me – maybe I should change the blending mode so you can see the overlap. So I did that and I really liked it! I also thought the circles I had looked kind of like tree’s – maybe like doctor Suess tree’s even – and I liked that. So I kind of just started playing with elements until it became something that I liked. I showed a friend and she really liked it but said it needed some texture. I agreed, so I added some texture. I’m pretty happy with the final result. 

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