The Project

We were tasked to create a Gig Poster for a band that portrayed the emotion of their music. This was a challenging project for me. I didn’t realize how difficult it could be to portray an emotion using only an image. It was a great learning experience for me. Honestly, I didn’t think I would ever finish, but I did!

Here is my design process for this project.

Word lists and sketches

Like always, I went to my sketch book. But I didn’t start sketching right away. Instead, I created a word list. I started with three words and kept going from there until I came up with my band name Silent Skies. After that, I started sketching.

First Draft 

After taking my sketches into Illustrator, I created my first draft.

After trying to move forward with this design, I ended up hitting a wall. The creative juices just weren’t flowing! It ended up bring somewhat frustrating. So, I ended up scratching this first concept and headed back to the drawing board. 

Back to the Sketchbook

I had no idea what I wanted to do, but after sketching out who knows how many ideas, while jamming to my “bands” music, I finally decided on this concept.

Drafts and Variations

I jumped into Illustrator and brought my sketch to life. I went through a couple variations. I tried different colors, angles, and shading techniques before I decided on my final design.


After I decided I was satisfied with how the poster looked, I added texture to make her feel even more underwater and to create more interest.


Rachel Cottrell

Rachel Cottrell

Hello! I am a Graphic Design student at BYU-I, a health nut, and chocolate addict. I enjoy challenging the "impossible" and learning new things. I don't have a portfolio quite yet, but until then feel free to email me or check out the work I have on this site!
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