This project was really difficult in the beginning in terms of coming up with an idea and the overall feel that I wanted the band to have. My roommate had suggested the idea of Pirate Rock which is a real thing. I thought why not and started to create word lists that could help inspire an idea for this. I put down classical as one of my options as I wanted something that was opposite of pirate and rock to see if I could come up with an interesting idea based off of that. 







Based on the word lists, I started sketching some things that related to the words I came up with. I still was a little uncertain. I do listen to rock, but it was not something I am super familiar with and have a lot of knowledge in. I grew up on islands, island and reggae music is something I know more about. So I started to kind of change my idea a little. I wanted reggae/rock and something that was powerful and was kind of like a leader or king of something. Hence the name “King Slayers” came about. I came up with an idea for a layout, but I was not super happy with it. I tried to incorporate pirate with reggae but it wasn’t really working. 







So from this point, I started to take it digitally and create something with a lion because lions are kings, and they are often associated with reggae type music. Below are drafts that I went through before designing my final product.








I decided to add texture to create a more dangerous feel. Then I added the text to reggae colors so that I could have more of that island feel at the same time.







Thus I have my final design.

Sariah Mudaliar

Sariah Mudaliar

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