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There seems to be a lot of first timers these past weeks. This is the first time I’ve ever made stickers. My original idea was to communicate what media has done to us. I feel like lately I’m always stuck inside doing homework and I need to get outside yet all my roommates and friends binge watch tv series. So that’s what inspired my original sketches below.

Step 1:
I started Sketching


Step 2: I then tried to make a really rough draft of my ideas in Adobe Illustrator and I realized I didn’t want to go with  my original plan. I got some good feedback from the Netlfix Face one so I decided to keep that. I started thinking of other things that I wanted to communicate. I thought about how I kept hearing trash talking and kept asking myself “what if this” or “what if that?” After some feedback I went back to the sketch book.


Step 3:
I put my what if’s to reality and ran with the first idea for the Netflix face and started going off that. I thought about how people spew negativity like trash or how prideful their words can be. I didn’t want to do another money theme so I went for something else we take pride in or that shows glamor or wealth. Jewels.

Step 4:
I cleaned up some the edges, added some more depth with some highlights and playing around with a stroke.


Overall I feel pretty pleased with how these came out. There’s always more improvement that can be done but I really appreciated the feedback and help I got though out the process!



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