Get Crazy In Summer | Vector Paths

Gig Poster for Summer Madness! This was my first gig poster (I didn’t even know what it was, to be honest) and I really enjoyed the process I’ve taken. 



I wasn’t sure if I had to come up my own name so I did research for the band and music that I liked. The final poster is inspired by Lana Del Rey who is one of my favorite artists.



I wanted to do something fun so I learned how to distort text. I wanted some kind of free, playful, vintage, and good vibe-ish feeling. 


First Draft.

I wasn’t sure what color I want to use for the leaves so I just drew the lines to show what’s going on. I found a picture of swimsuit and draw a swimsuit and put text into the shape. It still looks very unorganized because of the background; there are too many things going on.



Second Drafts.

I had to debate between one big palm tree and many palm tree leaves. Also, I wasn’t encouraged to use gradient so I had to learn how to use halftone and make it gradually changes the color. I underwent many trial and error to make it look natural. I made the background simple but I don’t know if I like it.



I grabbed my leaves again and used pathfinders to cut out swimsuit shape out of leaves. It looks much clearer and simpler. 

While I was working on the project, I felt really good about what I’m doing because I could do something I wanted to do! It was hard at first to choose something I like but eventually became one of my favorite projects.



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