This has been one of my favorite projects so far. I loved that we could pretty much do anything that we could think of and create whatever we wanted. I had to main ideas that i really wanted to pursue. One was to have gangster animals and the other was to have realistic fruits and vegetables that were animated and had bites taken out of them. Both of the were solid ideas in my head. I started my sketches to see what else i had.


After all of my sketches i was leaning more towards the animals with gangster clothes so i started to create them on illustartor. They were alot of fun and i had so much i wanted to do. 


Too Much Detail…Simplify

I had much more detail when i started. The elephant was covered with rough skin and earrings all over his ears. I decided i should cut back and simplify on all of them. I wanted to give enough detail to give them a good personality and look but did not want them to be realistic. These animals were so fun to create.

First Draft

All animals had the same chain in the first draft to show that they were together. The shadows were not very strong and sometimes didn’t make much sense. The trunk of the elephant was also much to wide and i did not like the eyes showing just over top of the sunglasses.


The duck has more texture on his beanie and feathers on his face. I added a different looking chain. He had a rosary but i figures that it wasn’t as appropriate as just a plain necklace. The shadows are much further over as well. The elephant has a much smaller and little better detailed trunk and the glasses completely cover the eyes. The monkey has shadow added and a chin dimple. 


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