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The Inspiration

I am very passionate about health and living a healthy life. When the icon project was first announced, I couldn’t decide if I wanted to make icons with an exercise, yoga, or vegetable theme. I’ve been making a lot of healthy smoothies lately which typically incorporate fruits and vegetables. Smoothies were my main inspiration for this project. I decided to make fruit icons because fruits are bright and fun to look at. Not to mention, it’s seemed like something that would be more on the easy side for someone with little to no experience with graphic design. (It turned out that creating fruit icons took a lot more work and effort than I had initially thought.)

The Process

Pictured above are my original sketches and ideas of how I wanted my fruit icons to look. I am not the best at drawing with a pencil, but it was great to get my ideas down on paper and to sketch the fruit from different angles and perspectives. Once I finished my sketches, I put them into Adobe Illustrator and tried tracing over my sketches. The end result didn’t turn out very well in the beginning. These were what I came up with……


I decided that tracing over my sketches wasn’t exactly my cup of tea, so I decided to look at pictures of fruit instead. My icons started looking a bit better after some trial and error. The part of the project that took most of my time was learning how to effectively use the tools. I had to Google and look at instructional Youtube videos over and over in order to teach myself how to create the shapes that I wanted. Brother Kerr’s videos proved to be incredibly helpful during this process. 

Some of my fruit icons just weren’t working. The banana, strawberry, grapes, and apple needed major work. I experimented with having the shapes not touch each other to see how that would look (the grapes). But I realized that would have been difficult to do with some of the fruit.

Process continued…

After getting a little bit better with the tools, I gained a little bit more confidence in knowing that I had come a LONG way from my initial icon creations. I wanted to make the fruit as detailed as I could while still going with the more simplistic design. For example, I added little dots all over the pear because real pears have dots all over them. I also tried making the seeds for the kiwi, watermelon, and strawberry close to the real deal for added detail.

The shape builder tool became my best friend for this project. I used shapes that I never thought would be able to create these icons. I just had to look at photos of real fruit and think of what combined shapes would make the fruit I had in mind. It took a lot of experimenting, but I came up with shapes that I was happy with. I used the star tool to create the leaves on my pineapple icon and circles that I turned into crescent shapes with the shape builder tool to make the bananas. I just had to use circles to round the pointed parts.


Overall, I am proud of myself for creating these on very limited graphic design experience. They required a lot more time and work than I thought they would. Others might not see it, but all that matters is that I am enhancing my skills and getter better with each project that I attempt. I can’t wait to see what the next project will teach me!






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