So I decided to make some stickers that brand me as a person so that I can network with others and get my work out there and recognizable.



So going into this project, I knew right off the bat I was going to have a really hard time with ideas. I kept reverting back to old ideas that I’d already had or tried, and every sketch I did wasn’t working out on the computer. I was trying to go for something with that new car smell kind of feel. Something brand new. Not necessarily something that no one has ever made but just something I have never attempted before. 

In class, we were talking about how the stickers we buy actually represent who we are as a person, and immediately I thought of pineapples. (anyone who knows me knows I love pineapples and its kind of my phase right now). So then I went with a fruit theme to try and do that, but I hit a dead end when I just hated how they were turning out. So here is that draft.

So I completely changed perspective and tried to make them feel like me instead. Not just that they go together. I chose the wave because I’m from California so I feel like it represented me as a person as well as the waves of changes that have rolled into my life. 

Here was the final product. I did more sketching to help me visualize what I really wanted

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